About Us

The Nyamezela Group of Companies is one of Africa’s leading professional business solutions and innovative product service providers.

The Group is guided by its ethos of providing unrivalled quality, service excellence, world-class talent and outstanding value for forward-thinking businesses.

Nyamezela is 100% black woman-owned company with three dynamic divisions including Business Advisory, Consulting Engineering and its core business: Smart Metering products and solutions. With 13 years of experience, Nyamezela has positively impacted the economy by job creation in line with South Africa’s broader socio-economic development objectives. Our company is committed to delivering superior products and offering excellent solutions at affordable price models to take your business to the next level.

Smart Metering for the Future

Nyamezela is passionate about sustainability and sensitive to the conservation of our natural resources and the environment. Our metering is a powerful approach to the effective management of invaluable resources such as electricity. Each of our innovative solutions is always designed with a sustainable future in mind.

Our goal is to empower our customers to be optimally efficient when designing our solutions, as this impacts energy and natural resources conservation. No project is too small or too big as Nyamezela boasts a client portfolio that includes domestic/ residential markets, commercial/ retail, industrial/ mining sectors and also counts municipalities as part of its stakeholders. Nyamezela continues to service the largest electricity service provider in South Africa and several in the Sub Saharan region.

Global Partnerships

Nyamezela’s globally competitive edge is its creation of invaluable synergies and partnerships with the best, most technologically advanced utilities companies around the world. Our collaborative partnership with China-based smart metering giant Shenzhen Inhemeter significantly expands Nyamezela’s footprint to include worldwide reach, while also ensuring that the company is well equipped to provide large volumes of state-of-the-art smart meters and metering solutions. Our customers access the unlimited benefits of such partnerships.

Milestones and Achievements

In our 15 years of business, we have achieved consistent customer growth annually, producing over thousands of meters year on year. Nyamezela is positioned to grow well beyond the performance of average utilities companies.
Launching in 2005 as Business Advisory, Nyamezela has grown to build top-notch meter manufacturing and testing facilities. This has enabled the company to rigorously assemble and test our products using the latest equipment.
We are proud of being a woman-led organisation with a workforce ratio of 50:50 women to men. This is a commendable differentiating factor in the utilities industry, which is predominantly male dominated.

Let's Work Together!