Business Practice


Making a real and lasting contribution to the nation’s economic and social well-being.


The executive management of NBAS collectively have over 20 years experience in diverse spheres of business. Besides being qualified black women Chartered Accountants, they have complementary skills and expertise.

Skills and Training

Our staff members obtain expert training from some of the established auditing firms, which also assist us with assignments that require special technical expertise that we do not possess. This contributes to capacity building, transfer of skills and promotion of the transformation process.

Seamless, Multi-disciplinary Services

With our knowledge of business as professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders, we will support our clients to grow and contribute immensely towards both their goals and continued success by providing specialised and appropriate multi-disciplinary management advisory services.

Commitment to Service Excellence

Our clients are expected to be vocal about any substandard performance. We further monitor our clients’ expectation of quality and professional service by conducting quality assurance reviews on all assignments performed. This ensure that we are accountable to our clients and that we add value to their people and their businesses.