Key Focus

We work with our clients in providing innovative solutions. We are able to offer a combination of the following multi-disciplinary services:

[as-accordion tag=h3 clicktoclose="true"] [as-accordion-item title="Architectural Designs" id=ArchitecturalDesigns]
  • Preliminary and detailed architectural designs.
  • Compiling technical drawings include.
  • 3 Dimensional plans.
  • Strategic Consulting.
  • Design Management.
  • Creative research.
[/as-accordion-item] [as-accordion-item title="Chemical and Environmental Engineering" id=ChemicalandEnvironmentalEngineering] Nyamezela has built up a competency around chemical and environmental engineering ready to be taken to the market. Offerings include:

  • Hazardous disposal consulting.
  • Decontamination of PCB material.
  • Disposal of pesticides.
  • Land and Rights.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Land-fill refuse dumping site monitoring.
  • Waste management.
[/as-accordion-item] [as-accordion-item title="Civil Engineering" id=CivilEngineering]
  • Roads.
  • Storm water drainage.
  • Sewerage reticulation.
  • Bulk water supply.
  • Out fall sewers.
  • Solid waste disposal.
  • Structural.
[/as-accordion-item] [as-accordion-item title="Electrical Engineering" id=ElectricalEngineering] Electrical design

  • Project definition.
  • Preliminary and detailed designs.
  • Compiling technical specifications.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Disaster Management Strategies.
  • Electrical Contracting.
  • Refurbishment.

Primary Plant Auditing

  • Plant and assessments.

Power System Analysis

  • Load flow studies (balance and unbalance).
  • Short circuit studies (on nodes and lines).
  • Protection co-ordination.
  • Harmonic studies.
  • Network studies.
  • Probabilistic analysis.
  • Refurbishment.
  • Optimal power flow studies.
  • Optimum alternative identification.
  • Reliability assessment.
  • Scada-GIS integration.
[/as-accordion-item] [as-accordion-item title="Land Surveying" id=LandSurveying] Coming soon
[/as-accordion-item] [as-accordion-item title="Project Management" id=ProjectManagement]
  • Planning and scheduling.
  • Contract administrator.
  • Tender adjudication, evaluation and compilation of technical reports on tenders.
  • Procurement of equipment.
  • On-site construction management and commissioning.
  • Plant handover.
[/as-accordion-item] [/as-accordion]