In March 2019, regions of Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique were devastated by Cyclone Idai which affected over 3 million people and is considered one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Africa and the Southern Hemisphere.

Many lives were lost to the brutal Idai, people went missing, and countless families were heavily impacted by the devastation.  Strong winds, heavy rains and severe flooding destroyed homes, hospitals, schools and other infrastructure.  Children were among the most vulnerable as they lost their homes, food, water, parents and caregivers. In particular, children with disabilities suffered greatly as they were often left out of food distribution and had no clothing or blankets.

Nyamezela Group reached out to provide some relief to the eastern region of Zimbabwe in the areas where the most damage was suffered.  Children with disabilities were given food packages, blankets and clothing.  To date, close to 4,000 packs of rice have been donated to the JF Kapnek Trust for distribution, as well as many blankets and a box of clothing.  Almost 400 children have benefited from these items.

In just 5 devastating days, Idai wreaked havoc that will last a lifetime for many people.  The amount of post-disaster recovery that is required is immense as thousands of people remain displaced and without food or shelter.  Substantial assistance is required from the international community to help them re-build.  There are many countries and communities affected by tragedy all across the world.  The team at Nyamezela encourages everyone to stand together and extend a hand to support those in need in whichever way you are able to.

Cyclone Idai Aid Relief Cyclone Idai Aid Relief Cyclone Idai Aid Relief Cyclone Idai Aid Relief